custom car body part moulding bumper
  • custom car body part moulding bumper

custom car body part moulding bumper

The main parts of an automotive bumper system are the shape, the wall thickness, the ribs, the support surface, and the holes. The mask is also an important component of the system. It must have good fluidity, ultraviolet stability, and UV stability. 

The Bumper Mould is used to produce plastic car parts. Injection molding is the process of creating these parts. In this process, the plastic bumper is shaped to fit the shape of the car. Its main function is to protect the car from collisions. It should have sufficient strength and rigidity to play a buffering role during collisions. In addition, the design of the bumper should be in harmony with the shape of the vehicle's body.

The Bumper Mould is used to make the outer part of automobiles. It is also used to manufacture the inner part of the car's bumper. It features an internal parting system. The fixed mold's side core pulls up, and the plastic's end-product is ejected. This process requires a precise control of the temperature control system in the front bumper main injection mold.

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